Attention to Detail

I used RLM Copy Writing to write the content for my website redesign after I’d spent weeks procrastinating about the words. From the start Rhonda was great at getting the ideas out and putting down on paper how I wanted my site to feel. If you’re in need of help writing text for your website, or any other written communication, I would highly recommend Rhonda. Her attention to detail is amazing and she is in constant contact to make sure everything she writes is what you want to say. Writing the text for your website takes up a huge amount of time. RLM Copywriting will take that pressure away by writing the words that are right for you.

Jamie Allen, Drone Operator and Director at Blue Giraffe Imaging
April 19, 2019

Speedy, Highly Accurate Transcription

"Next month I’m presenting an academic paper at the World Journalism Congress in Paris. Entitled Back To The Future For Journalism Training, my hypothesis is to build a new style of interviewing for journalism educators and students worldwide. Except it isn’t new. It is inspired by the late US journalist Studs Terkel who travelled across America interviewing ordinary workers about their lives at the coal face, everybody from bin-men to teachers, nurses, and school cleaners. Working (Scotland) is the start of a new project that will give ordinary people a voice to express their experiences of work in 21st Century Scotland. My first interview was with Jeanette Braidwood, a school cleaner from Lanarkshire. Terkel had a wonderful ability to allow the interviewee to do the talking with minimum interference from the journalist. This is central to capture the cadence and natural speech patterns of the speaker. That’s where Rhonda Morris came in. Her speedy and highly accurate school cleaner transcription was intelligently handled and gave me more time to focus on the theoretical elements of my presentation. Going forward we perhaps hope to gradually build our interviews to scores if not hundreds of workers across Scotland. Watch this space for more on the Working Scotland project in the weeks and months to come."

Dr Ken Pratt, Lecturer in Journalism
May 31, 2019

Greatly Appreciated

I had my website copy reviewed and revised by Rhonda and greatly appreciated her input and expertise. She was thoroughly prepared in advance of our consultation and subsequently kept me well informed as we worked towards deadlines together. Working on this project with her has helped me to make progress with something that has been on my to-do list for a while. Thank you, Rhonda!

Kate Galbally, Professional Organiser& PA, Better Organised
February 22, 2019

Very Professional

I have worked with Rhonda on a few occasions to help clients collate content. Rhonda is very professional and goes above and beyond to meet the client’s expectations. I would have no hesitation in recommending Rhonda’s website content writing services.

Stephen Flynn, Sales Director, Easy Web Sites
February 22, 2019

Amazing Help

Rhonda was an amazing help when I was putting the words together for my website. She listened carefully to me and suggested ideas I had never thought about for the pages of my website. She was easy to work with and helped me understand which words would work best on any website. An invaluable help.

Claire Miller, Author
February 22, 2019

Exemplary Service

Exemplary service from RLM Copywriting! Rhonda provided a highly professional service with a very personal approach to ensuring she met my needs. Her expertise and attention to detail had proved to be invaluable when it came to creating social media posts, crossing the spectrum of platforms. Rhonda created visually attractive graphics and superb taglines, which were instrumental in drawing in more attention online, resulting in more people taking action. Rhonda’s creative flair is second to none! She took on the task of producing some attractive and appealing double-sided advertisement cards. Rhonda created some dynamic graphics and wording, which has ignited intrigue and interest, leading to more customer sales. Rhonda has worked extensively on redefining an existing coaching document that needed in-depth attention to detail to enable the recipient to work solely at an independent level. With Rhonda’s tenacity and excellent writing skills, the document not only saved me time in my role as a business mentor, but it also gave the recipient the confidence that they had everything they needed at their fingertips.

Rachel M Holmes, Business Mentor, Pursuing Happiness
February 22, 2019