You've Heard of BBC but Have You Heard of BBG, Especially ED?

5th of June, 2019
Almost everyone I know has heard of BBC, but I wonder how many people in Business, in Scotland, have heard of BBG, well actually their name is Business Gateway but I added a B at the front because I believe they should be called "Brilliant Business Gateway" and I am particularly fond of my local branch, ED (East Dunbartonshire).  I have been in business for myself since 2005 but only recently started engaging with their services.  I really didn't know who they were or what they did.  And when I did hear about them, didn't think they would be able to help my business.  

Then, my business mentor, Mark Hutchison, suggested I get in touch with Business Gateway.  I tell you what, the trainings they offer are brilliant.  The advice they offer is brilliant.  The support they give businesses, no matter the size, is brilliant.  Can you see why I believe they should be called Brilliant Business Gateway?  They truly are BRILLIANT.  

I had my first meeting with my advisor, Colin Dunn, and my business has gone from strength to strength ever since.  I have attended many of their training programmes.  From the trainings, I have learnt and implemented an abundance of useful things (more on these throughout the coming months - watch this space).  All of the trainers are knowledgeable, personable, and approachable.  Down to earth people like me.  

Did I mention the trainings are FREE?  

They also run networking events, that are also FREE, which includes a brief training - different topics every meeting.  

My business has grown since being involved with Business Gateway, East Dunbartonshire.  And continues to grow month on month.  I received one on one consultations with one of their marketing consultants, Glen Cook, who gave me so much information my head is still swimming.  The mindmaps he produced for me from our consultations outline my plan of action.  Because of our meetings, I have a marketing strategy and have learnt not to think too small.

I took part in the GAS (Growth Advisory Service) and the help I received and the grant has enabled me to purchase important items for my business, that have been instrumental in growing my business too.  

I cannot thank Brilliant Business Gateway enough, especially East Dunbartonshire, the advisors, Colin Dunn, Anne MacIntosh, and Charlie Morton are all very friendly and helpful.  The trainers and consultants provide such an insight into the various aspects of business, a true wealth of knowledge there.  

If you have not discovered Business Gateway in your community, and you are in business or thinking of going into business, check out their website and get yourself along to a training or six.  You too will call them Brilliant Business Gateway!