Another Happy Client - Working (Scotland) Project - School Cleaner Interview

31st of May, 2019
I truly enjoy helping people.  And love reviews from my clients.  The things one phone call can lead to.  I am honoured to be part of the Working (Scotland) project, using my skills to help others.  Below is the review from Dr Ken Pratt.

"Next month I’m presenting an academic paper at the World Journalism Congress in Paris. Entitled Back To The Future For Journalism Training, my hypothesis is to build a new style of interviewing for journalism educators and students worldwide. Except it isn’t new. It is inspired by the late US journalist Studs Terkel who travelled across America interviewing ordinary workers about their lives at the coal face, everybody from bin-men to teachers, nurses, and school cleaners. Working (Scotland) is the start of a new project that will give ordinary people a voice to express their experiences of work in 21st Century Scotland. My first interview was with Jeanette Braidwood, a school cleaner from Lanarkshire. Terkel had a wonderful ability to allow the interviewee to do the talking with minimum interference from the journalist. This is central to capture the cadence and natural speech patterns of the speaker. That’s where Rhonda Morris came in. Her speedy and highly accurate school cleaner transcription was intelligently handled and gave me more time to focus on the theoretical elements of my presentation. Going forward we perhaps hope to gradually build our interviews to scores if not hundreds of workers across Scotland. Watch this space for more on the Working Scotland project in the weeks and months to come."

From Dr Ken Pratt
Lecturer in Journalism