Busy, But Not Busy Being Busy

29th of May, 2019
Where does the time go?  

I am writing this knowing that June is only a few days away.  Wow.  

I have been busy, truly busy with multiple projects at home, personally, and for my businesses.  I remember the days when I was busy being busy but not really accomplishing anything.  Busy producing lists.  Busy tidying my desk.  Busy doing non-income producing activities.  Busy doing things that on the whole did not matter.  Faffing.  

Now, I find myself being busy, accomplishing tasks that I set for myself for the day, week and month.  However, I have managed to leave out one important thing.  Something I told myself at the start of the year that I would do more often.  On a regular basis.  But haven't.  Why?  Because I have been busy, but not busy being busy.  Actually busy.  

Since January, I have written website content for 32 pages, 1 letter of introduction, transcribed 1 interview, and written content for 2 newsletters.  I have proofread over 1000 medical documents.  Currently I am writing content for 16 website pages, 1 newsletter, and a 10-page brochure.  I have quotes out for a couple more website content writing projects and have a few things in the pipeline.  I started using Free Agent this month to keep track of my invoices and quotes.  Love it.

So, what is that one thing that I haven't managed to fit into my busy life?

Writing something for my website.  For my News section.  On a regular basis.  So, from here on out peeps, once a week I will write something of value here.  And, once that is a habit, I will up my commitment.  

Have a wonderful week!  Until next week ....