Out of Sight ... Out of Mind - 8 Ways to Keep Your Business in Sight and in Mind

18th of April, 2019

Out of Sight ... Out of Mind
8 Ways to Keep Your Business in Sight and in Mind

Is your business name out there?  Or, are you losing clients/customers because your business name is out of sight and out of mind?  Statistics show that it takes between 6 and 8 exposures before a client decides to buy your product or service.  In this article, I will touch on 8 ways to keep your business in sight and in mind, which will increase the exposures for your existing and potential clients.  Are you ready?  Let’s go:

1.    Business Cards 
Business cards come in all shapes and sizes now.  Even digital.  When starting out in business, this is usually the first thing you buy and the first thing you hand out to potential clients.  Their first exposure.

2.    Networking 
There are networking events and opportunities everywhere.  Some are free, others you pay for.  Getting out there, meeting people, listening and talking to people, and being genuinely interested in their business will lead to many exposures.  Discovering how you can help each other and passing on referrals is priceless.  This is one of my favourite ways to keep my business in sight and in mind.

3.    Website
In this day and age, having a website is vital.  People will search Google to find what they are looking for, whether it is a product or a service.  When the list appears on their screen, if your business name appears without a website link you may lose that potential client.  When faced with a list of business names, most people will click on the business with a website link first.  That is what I do.  Your website address should be on your business card and every form of written communication, online and offline.  Imagine the exposure opportunities for existing and potential clients by having a website.

4.    News/Blog Page
Having a News or a Blog page on your website is another way to keep your business in sight and in mind, racking up those exposures.  The key is to update the content on a regular basis.

5.    Email
Sending an email is another way to keep your business in sight and in mind.  A follow-up email to those you met while networking adds to their exposures.  An email campaign to your existing clients will keep them informed about your products, services, events, and any other news, as well as up their exposures.

6.    Brochures/Flyers/Leaflets
Brochures, flyers, leaflets are excellent ways to keep your business in sight and in mind.  The perfect items to hand out at trade shows.  To increase your exercise and get your business name out there, you could put your brochures, flyers, or leaflets up on bulletin boards of local businesses or on their countertops (with permission of course) or through letterboxes in residential areas.  Win win.

7.    Newsletters
Whether electronic or hard copy, newsletters are still an ideal way to get information to your clients, existing and potential.  Whether monthly, quarterly, biannually or yearly, newsletters keep your business in sight and in mind.

8.    Vehicle Signage
Vehicle signage is an excellent way to get your business name out there, whether magnetic, decal, or custom painted.  Think of your average day, how many places do you park your vehicle where people pass by?  These people are your potential or existing clients.  Vehicle signage raises awareness and increases exposures.

In this article I have touched on 8 ways to keep your business in sight and in mind, but there are many other ways.  The key is to keep exposing your business name to your existing and potential clients often. 

Now it is my turn to keep my business in sight and in mind. 

My name is Rhonda, and my business is RLM Copywriting.  For websites, newsletters or any other form of written communication, I write the words that work for you, so you don’t have to.  Based in Bishopbriggs, on the outskirts of Glasgow, RLM Copywriting offers a high-quality service to individuals and businesses who do not have the time to produce content themselves.

Most people are very good at what they do but writing copy can be a challenge.  Is there a copywriting project on your to-do list that you haven’t had the time to tackle?  I can help.

RLM Copywriting offers content writing, copywriting and copy-editing services in Scotland and across the UK for:

·         Websites – refreshing existing content or creating content from scratch

·         News/Blog page – creating or streamlining content

·         Newsletters – electronic or paper format

·         Brochures – refreshing existing content or creating something new

·         Manuals – training, product or instructional, in electronic or paper form

·         Direct Mail – cards or flyers

·         Email campaigns – weekly, monthly, quarterly, biannually or yearly

Whether you have a one-off project or several projects, RLM Copywriting is at your service.  If you need a copywriter or editor on a regular basis, a retainer agreement may be beneficial.  For convenience, if you prefer to communicate by dictating, I am a proficient audio typist and will transform your spoken words into the written form.

Let’s get your writing project off your to-do list, increase your existing and potential client exposures, and keep your business in sight and in mind. 

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