Aloe Vera

In June of 2014, Rhonda Morris started Amazing Aloe Magic. Rhonda runs Amazing Aloe Magic alongside her RLM Copywriting business from her home in Bishopbriggs (on the outskirts of Glasgow). Rhonda recommends high-quality aloe vera and beehive products throughout Scotland, the UK and the world. For more information about what Amazing Aloe Magic has to offer, please visit or contact Rhonda Morris today.


Amazing Aloe Magic takes pride in distributing and selling Forever Living Products. Forever have demonstrated their commitment to finding nature’s purest ingredients and pairing them with the latest scientific advancements for over 40 years. The vast product range includes the various aloe vera drinking gels, beehive products, nutritional supplements, weight management, skincare and personal care products, and essential oils. New products are developed each year. Forever do not test products on animals, and many are safe for animals to use. To find out more, visit the Amazing Aloe Magic online shop or contact Rhonda Morris.

Experience Packs

Amazing Aloe Magic can put together a selection of products in an Experience Pack, which allows you to trial the products freely in your home or business without obligation. If you would like Amazing Aloe Magic to put together an Experience Pack for you, please contact Rhonda Morris to arrange an appointment.

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Aloe Talks and Product Demonstrations

Amazing Aloe Magic is available to do aloe talks and product demonstrations for groups. If you would like to arrange an aloe talk or product demonstration, please contact Rhonda Morris.

Table Top Events

Amazing Aloe Magic is available to participate in tabletop events for charities, schools, businesses or anyone looking for stallholders. If you would like high-quality aloe vera and beehive products at your tabletop event, please contact Rhonda Morris.